Season 6 -- A user's guide
Scams & ConsFebruary 08, 202400:05:07

Season 6 -- A user's guide

Regular listeners are accustomed to hearing about different variations of a con in each regular episode. In season six, we're doing something different. We'll be focusing on one con -- vanishing.

Vanishing may be the longest con of all because, if you're successful, no one will hear from you again.

We'll talk about why people want to voluntarily disappear. We won't be talking about those trying to escape the law or legal obligations. Our focus will be on those who want to trade their current life for a new one.

There will be episodes about why people want to disappear, how they do it and how they deal with the loneliness. You'll also hear from a woman whose husband walked out the door one day, never to return. She didn't know if he was alive until his lawyer contacted her about getting a divorce.

This not a con on one or a few people -- it is run on everyone in the world. Let me tell you about those who never want to be seen again.

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