Scams & Cons

Scams & Cons

Scammers don't steal your money, they create a world where it makes perfect sense to hand your cash over to them. Three-card-monte, the longest running show on Broadway, seems easy. You're watching the tosser and you always see the queen. What you don't see is a group of shills working you into the gate where you'll lose everything you have.

Sometimes a large sum of money is accidentally sent to you and the sender asks for the additional cash to be sent back. In the meantime, they empty your bank account.

We'll tell you all about the scams, how they work and why people fall for them. Don't become a sucker. Listen in.

April 11, 2024x

Witness Protection Programs -- it's not an easy way to vanish

t would seem if federal and state governments wanted you to disappear for your safety, it would be an easy thing to do. They can create all the documents you need, give you some money to get started a...

April 04, 2024x

Woman recovers $147k from scammer and a man tries to own the New York Hotel

Woman recovers $147k from scammer and a man tries to own the New York Hotel Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

March 28, 2024x

Hear from Maureen, a woman whose husband disappeared and she doesn't know why

The theme of this series has been the long con of vanishing. Instead of a scammer targeting you, you are the one scamming everyone else. To be successful, you must do this the rest of your life, makin...