Scams & Cons

Scams & Cons

Scammers don't steal your money, they create a world where it makes perfect sense to hand your cash over to them. Three-card-monte, the longest running show on Broadway, seems easy. You're watching the tosser and you always see the queen. What you don't see is a group of shills working you into the gate where you'll lose everything you have.

Sometimes a large sum of money is accidentally sent to you and the sender asks for the additional cash to be sent back. In the meantime, they empty your bank account.

We'll tell you all about the scams, how they work and why people fall for them. Don't become a sucker. Listen in.

May 23, 202400:23:11

Clean and green -- washing your checks

When you write a check, you expect it to be secure, after all, you did write it in ink. That means bupkus unless you used a secure check and security pen. These days, scammers can use household chemic...

May 16, 202400:16:02

A scam leaves a man in a coma and a woman's home is stolen

An East Tennessee woman stops a scam by people posing as a representatives of Publishers Clearing House and a Wisconsin woman must pay taxes on $200,000 she lost to a scammer. A federal law once prote...

May 09, 202400:42:51

Why steal your identity when all scammers need is a synthetic you?

Identity theft was once fairly easy. Watch someone's mailbox for a credit card offer, then send it in with a new address; discover something like your Social Security number, then route that money to ...

May 02, 202400:15:12

A boy amputates his legs to get insurance month and "ghost hacking" sends messages to the deceased family

In separate incidents, a man and a woman are arrested for romance scams. A boy in Taiwan agrees to have both legs amputated to gain insurance money and a woman who wanted a puppy pays the money, only ...