November 23, 2023x
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Robo calls -- How they work, who makes them and how you can cash in by listening

We've done stories about robo calls before, but this one is different -- we're telling you how the technology works, who makes the calls and how you can make money by simply listening to th...

November 09, 2023x
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You can be the victim of a con. Here's how.

Our lasts episode asks how con artists reconcile the impact of their actions and how it harms their victims beyond the money they have stolen. This time we ask what is it about people that make them ...

November 02, 2023x
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Scams & Cons News for November 2, 2023

Scammers are pulling gasoline dispensers from customers' hands to fill their own cars. Canadian women are more willing to report scams than men. And ProPublica says a scammer has succeed in gett...

October 26, 202300:18:1612.59 MB

Justification: Scammers explain why they do what they do

Scammers might take people for a little or a lot of money. Sometimes their scams ruin people's lives and leave them feeling unsafe -- maybe for the rest of their lives. In this episode, scammers...

October 12, 202300:15:2810.66 MB

Imposters: Which is real: Batman or Bruce Wayne?

Scammers become other people to convince you to turn over your money, but sometimes they want something else. Your pity, your admiration or your love. We take a look at imposters and why they do what...

September 28, 202300:15:4510.85 MB

Time travelers are scamming thousands

People are coming back from the future. Some want computers to help solve problems for which the need ancient software, while others need some cold, hard cash to survive in this primitive world of ou...