February 22, 2024x

Vanished: How to go missing and avoid those searching for you.

The longest con of all may be vanishing -- leaving the place you know, going somewhere unfamiliar and never having contact with anyone or anything from your past life. In this episode, we tell you how...

February 08, 2024x

The longest con of all -- vanishing. Why would anyone want to do it?

A good scam creates a reality where the mark thinks it makes perfect sense to go along with the con. A great con is when everyone else is fooled and you are the only one to know the truth. The next fe...

February 08, 202400:05:07

Season 6 -- A user's guide

Regular listeners are accustomed to hearing about different variations of a con in each regular episode. In season six, we're doing something different. We'll be focusing on one con -- vanishing.Vanis...

February 01, 2024x

Scams & Cons News: A dating app leads to a carjacking and are you being smished?

Are you being smed? It's a scam that involves both texts and social engineering. A dating app leads to a carjacking in Florida and a Swiss bus museum. A cashier stole more than $1 million between 2008...

January 25, 202400:22:24

BONUS: Lee Goldberg tells how he writes scams into his books and TV shows

Any con, any story of a con, begins in the head of the author. Lee Goldberg isn't a con artist -- unless you count how he leads readers toward wrong conclusions -- but he does write successful books a...

January 18, 202400:20:42

REPLAY: Luxury scams

What time is it? 4:23? Thanks.You could have gotten the answer from your phone, a sign in front of a bank or dozens of other sources. So, why spend $150,000 for a Rolex to give you the same informatio...

January 11, 202400:20:30

REPLAY: Three Card Monte - Remastered

It’s a simple game. It’s just a guy flipping three cards on top of a worn cardboard box. If you’re the sucker, the game is easy. It’s meant to be that way. A lot of effort by a lot of people has gone ...

January 04, 202400:19:48

REPLAY: The Russian Bride Scam

If you are a six and a 10 shows interest in you, at the very least you’d feel flattered. You might even spend a little time with them just to feed your ego. And if that contact happens online, it seem...