I’ve always said that radio was the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I began a 40-year journalism career in radio and in retirement, I’m coming back to it as a podcaster.

  This is my second podcast – the first was halted by Covid. I chose this one because I’ve always been a fan of caper and heist films and I liked the idea of going behind the scenes to learn how they are pulled off in real life.

     Take Three-Card-Monte. It appears that the game is being run by one person, but there are shills planted in the crowd to steer the sucker up to the table. Go back to Season One and listen to how it’s done.

       In our episodes, you’ll also note that I call people “suckers.” They really are victims, but I try to keep the language true to how con artists describe their craft.

In Season Five, we have an episode about how con artists justify their crimes. It’s an interesting look into how con artists think.

       It’s important to understand that scammers aren’t thieves. They don’t break into your house and steal your TV. They create a world around a mark that makes it seem perfectly reasonable to hand your cash or personal information over to a scammer. How else could a con artist get someone to pay $5 to a stranger just so they can return your gas hose to the pump? The scammer will use the opportunity to fill up their crew’s cars on the suckers bill? How can people not see a scam coming?

And don’t forget what I think is the most heinous of all crimes – romance scams. At a weak point in their lives, some people come to believe that a stranger they have never met is deeply in love with them, then send them tens of thousands of dollars to help them out of a jam.

          Scams and Cons are crimes of social engineering. Listen in as we tell you how scams are run and why people fall for them.

Recent Episodes

April 11, 2024x

Witness Protection Programs -- it's not an easy way to vanish

t would seem if federal and state governments wanted you to disappear for your safety, it would be an easy thing to do. They can create all the documents you need, give you some money to get started a...

April 04, 2024x

Woman recovers $147k from scammer and a man tries to own the New York Hotel

Woman recovers $147k from scammer and a man tries to own the New York Hotel Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

March 28, 2024x

Hear from Maureen, a woman whose husband disappeared and she doesn't know why

The theme of this series has been the long con of vanishing. Instead of a scammer targeting you, you are the one scamming everyone else. To be successful, you must do this the rest of your life, makin...


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Great show!

I was introduced to Jim and his show at Podfest 2024. So glad I did! This show is clever, creative and thoughtful. It’s very well produced. I’m looking forward to season 6!

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The Klingon commercial had me DYING

Great show that hasn’t been poisoned by wokeness


A fun listen with stories of the behind-the-scenes of common (and uncommon) scams/cons, many of which you may have had person experience with without even knowing it. If you like the true crime genre, you'll like Scams and Cons.