REPLAY: Three Card Monte - Remastered
Scams & ConsJanuary 11, 202400:20:30

REPLAY: Three Card Monte - Remastered

It’s a simple game. It’s just a guy flipping three cards on top of a worn cardboard box.

If you’re the sucker, the game is easy. It’s meant to be that way. A lot of effort by a lot of people has gone into creating that scene. No wonder Three Card Monte is called the longest running show on Broadway.

The sucker sees it as a game of skill. They believe they can outwit the tosser. What the sucker doesn’t realize is that the game is not about the cards, it’s about getting the sucker to put all the money they have on the box and walk away with nothing. And it can be done in about eight minutes.

In this episode, Chef Anton will walk you through how it’s done. And he should know, he is a veteran of the streets. These days, he uses his skills to entertain at trade shows and events and to get free drinks in bars.

And he is likely to continue doing just that. As his title, Chef, declares: “Cons Hustle Everyone Forever.”

Chef Anton

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